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The Woolgatherer
The Woolgatherer
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A Series of Spirits Designed for Daydreamers

As our Rise Seasonal Gin and Harvest Seasonal Gin grew and found success, our team still felt impassioned to express our desire for whim and wonder. The Woolgatherer Experimental Series grants us that opportunity through unrestricted development. These spirits will not be of a singular classification but rather a range of whimsy such as barrel-aged gins, botanical vodkas, American amaros, and whiskies outside of the normal realm of expectation. The goal of this project is to bond our physical property to our consumers' experience with our spirits. 


Previous Releases: 

The Woolgatherer Winter 2024 Release - 750mL -Available now at Castle & Key Distillery

The Woolgatherer Autumn 2023 Release - 750mL -Sold Out

The Woolgatherer Summer 2023 Release - 750mL - Sold Out

The Woolgatherer Spring 2023 Release - 750mL - Sold Out

The Woolgatherer Winter 2023 Release - 750mL - Sold Out

The Woolgatherer Autumn 2022 Release - 750mL - Sold Out

The Woolgatherer Summer 2022 Release- 750ml - Sold Out

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Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes

Each release of The Woolgatherer is meant to push the boundaries of our palate, to delight in trying something new and sometimes unusual.

Autumn 2022 Release
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Summer 2022 Release
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Winter 2023 Release
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Spring 2023 Release
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Summer 2023 Release
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Autumn 2023 Release
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Winter 2024 Release
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