Small Batch Wheated Bourbon Whiskey
Small Batch Wheated Bourbon Whiskey
$65.00 (in-store only)

Taste The Difference 

Our Small Batch Wheated Bourbon Whiskey offers a reimagined mash bill of our flagship Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. The focus? A sweeter taste and smoother finish–making this spirit the perfect compliment to your favorite cocktail or easy to sip neat. 

Current Releases: 

2022 Batch 1 - 750ml - Available in-store only

2022 Batch 2 - 750ml - Available in-store only

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Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes 

Each batch of our Small Batch Wheated Bourbon Whiskey is blended using a series of pods. Each pod is created by grouping barrels to create a sensory profile. 


 73% White Corn, 10% Wheat, 17% Malted Barley

2022 Batch 2
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2022 Batch 1
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